Is the Humane Party alone?

Humane Party buttons

No. Ethics- and science-based political parties are rising up all around the world to replace violence-based parties.  Here are links to several new political parties:

Please feel free to send suggestions for additional parties to be included in this list.

The Humane Party is not affiliated with any of the other parties in this list and cannot vouch for these parties, their candidates, or policies.  However, they do appear to be moving in the right direction as part of a global paradigm shift in what political parties are, what they do, and who they represent.


Humane Party buttons
Humane Party buttons


Is the Humane Party a “symbolic” effort, or is the Humane Party an actual political party?

Humane Party booth } GreenFest Expo - Washington D.C. 2017

The Humane Party is an actual political party, not just a “movement” or cause.  In other words, the Humane Party focuses on:

  • winning elections
  • registering voters
  • creating and promulgating a platform
  • drafting and sponsoring legislation
  • listening to constituents
  • serving the nation through the political process and the elected branches of U.S., state, and local government
  • building political coalitions and alliances
  • building an organization that facilitates all of the above activities, sustains and consolidates gains, and serves as a support system for all those involved

In short, the Humane Party is not a “symbolic” party seeking to “make a statement”.  We are “in it to win it”.