Why doesn’t the Humane Party platform address this issue?

Earth Day | Birthday | Platform Day

Development of the Humane Party platform is—like all other HP tasks–driven by volunteers; that’s part of the nature of being an all-volunteer organization.  As a result, the platform does not yet address certain issues.  Specifically, until a volunteer with the requisite expertise, insight, and personal commitment with respect to a given issue steps up, that issue remains un-addressed or under-addressed in the HP platform.

What can be done to move the platform forward?

If the Humane Party platform doesn’t yet address an important issue and a position on that issue is not implied by other positions, the HP is awaiting a volunteer who’s ready, willing, and able to help develop the HP’s position on that issue.  If you yourself are the right person to help handle this issue, the time to volunteer is now!

Earth Day | Birthday | Platform Day
Earth Day | Birthday | Platform Day

What is Platform Day?

The Humane Party’s Platform Day—April 22—is the day on which the Humane Party releases its biennial platform.

Platform Day occurs on the same day as Earth Day.  This date was chosen for Platform Day because it is also the date of the anniversary of the Humane Party’s initial launch—i.e., the HP’s “birthday”—, which occurred on April 22, 2009.

Is the Humane Party abolitionist?

"Wow.. Being Property Sucks." - cartoon by Jim Bertram, 2011

Yes.  The Humane Party platform calls for abolishing the property status of all animals throughout the United States of America.  The HP developed the Abolition Amendment, a proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution, for this very reason and created Aboliton Day (December 6) to promote abolition.

Here is the relevant excerpt from the Humane Party platform (2014 edition):

RESOLVED that appropriate legislation be enacted and appropriate governmental action taken so as to:

  • end inhumane, scientifically indefensible, and economically unsound exploitation of other species by humans, such legislation and action including but not limited to:

    1. elimination of both domestic and foreign trade in sentient beings, regardless of species;
    2. elimination of torture, mutilation, and slaughter of such beings;
    3. elimination of both domestic and foreign trade in products resulting from or obtained by way of such exploitation, such products including dead body parts of animals and live animal secretions; and
    4. elimination of services that include or are provided by way of such exploitation, such services including experiments performed on live animals and entertainment events that include live animals.
  • abolish the property status of (“emancipate”) other animals by either:

    1. explicitly recognizing all other animals as fully protected individuals under the 13th Amendment prohibition of slavery; or
    2. ratifying a new Constitutional amendment emancipating all other animals.

~ The Humane Party Platform

"Wow.. Being Property Sucks." - cartoon by Jim Bertram, 2011
“Wow.. Being Property Sucks.” – cartoon by Jim Bertram, 2011