What are the Humane Party conferences?

2016 Conference Map | Humane Party

Humane Party state chapters are grouped into several conferences.  The purpose of these groups is simply to allow a Humane Party conference developer to serve as a common assistant to all the state chapters in the given conference.  The conference developer can pitch in as an extra volunteer and advisor wherever needed by the given conference’s state chapters.

The following chart shows the 2016 arrangement of HP conferences.

2016 Conference Map | Humane Party | by Paul Karkoska
2016 Conference Map | Humane Party | by Paul Karkoska


What is the ‘Ethical Commons’ program?

Deeper Shade of Green | The Humane Party

The Humane Party’s “Ethical Commons” program is a means whereby the HP helps foster the growth of other ethics- and science-based organizations and political parties in other countries.  Through this program, the HP allows anyone anywhere—without prior notice to and without prior, express, written consent of the HP—to freely copy, translate, modify, and re-use the following HP written literature under the following conditions:

  • the derivative use is of one or more of the following pieces of HP literature (text only, not HP-associated images or trade names)
    • Humane Party Platform
    • Humane Party Oath
    • Humane Party Vision, Values, Mission, and Goals Statements
    • proposed legislation (e.g., Abolition Amendment)
  • the actual and apparent intent of the derivative use must be to protect and, ultimately, liberate other animals
  • the derivative use does not state or imply that the Humane Party endorses or is associated with any particular party, organization, candidate, or other person or entity
  • the derivative use may credit or thank the HP but does not otherwise include the Humane Party name or any HP logo, motto, slogan, or other HP trademarks

Any uses of HP-owned intellectual property not meeting the above still require express, prior written consent of the HP.

Please feel free to take advantage of the Ethical Commons program so as to accelerate the founding and growth of your organization.

Deeper Shade of Green | The Humane Party
Deeper Shade of Green | The Humane Party (2010)

Why doesn’t the Humane Party use “humaneparty.org” email addresses?

The Humane Party does not provide email addresses (e.g., “example@humaneparty.org”) for several reasons.  Two main reasons are:

  • cost:  the more financial overhead the HP has, the more the HP will need to seek financial contributions
  • volunteers:  the more administrative overhead the HP has, the more thinly the HP’s limited volunteer time will be spread

This issue is one where the HP’s unique organizational nature and the vulnerability of the constituents the HP represents require an approach that may differ from that of other organizations.


Why doesn’t the Humane Party platform address this issue?

Earth Day | Birthday | Platform Day

Development of the Humane Party platform is—like all other HP tasks–driven by volunteers; that’s part of the nature of being an all-volunteer organization.  As a result, the platform does not yet address certain issues.  Specifically, until a volunteer with the requisite expertise, insight, and personal commitment with respect to a given issue steps up, that issue remains un-addressed or under-addressed in the HP platform.

What can be done to move the platform forward?

If the Humane Party platform doesn’t yet address an important issue and a position on that issue is not implied by other positions, the HP is awaiting a volunteer who’s ready, willing, and able to help develop the HP’s position on that issue.  If you yourself are the right person to help handle this issue, the time to volunteer is now!

Earth Day | Birthday | Platform Day
Earth Day | Birthday | Platform Day

What is the Humane Party’s rotating-Coordinator system? Why does the HP rotate the Staff Coordinator position? Is there any precedent for such a system?

CEO Rotation Schedule | Humane Party

Rotating Staff Coordinator System


The position of Staff Coordinator of the Humane Party rotates among a group of volunteers roughly according to the following schedule:

  • Winter Shift: November – January
  • Spring Shift: February – April
  • Summer Shift: May – July
  • Autumn Shift: August – October

CEO Rotation Schedule | Humane Party
Staff Coordinator Rotation Schedule | Humane Party

Practical realities sometimes prevent the HP from adhering perfectly to this rotation schedule.  For instance, a given Staff Coordinator may shorten or lengthen her or his shift on a particular occasion.  But the basic schedule remains that depicted above.


Rotating the Staff Coordinator position offers many benefits to the Humane Party, including:

  • preserving the all-volunteer nature of the HP
  • expanding the range and diversity of leadership skills and approaches
  • reducing the likelihood of stagnation
  • reducing burnout and fatigue


Modern governments, non-profit organizations, and for-profit businesses employ rotating-responsibility work models in many contexts. For instance, hospitals provide round-the-clock care for patients by rotating doctors and nurses in shifts. Military, police, fire, and security forces stand ready 24 hours per day by virtue of rotations.

The rotating-leadership approach is not strictly a modern innovation; this approach has ancient roots. For instance, Herodotus reports that the ancient Athenians rotated command of the army between approximately ten generals—each shift lasting only one day—during their history-making defense of Greece against invading forces of the Persian Empire.

Is the Humane Party conservative or liberal?

Neither. The Humane Party does not fit neatly—or at all—into a “conservative” or “liberal” slot. The Humane Party’s positions are based on science and ethics.

For example, consider the Humane Party’s policies regarding climate.  The heat-trapping properties of a greenhouse gas (e.g., methane) can be measured and have been measured. The results of these measurements are not in dispute anywhere in the global science community. The Humane Party recognizes these measurements as a matter of science and math, not as a matter of “conservative” or “liberal” ideology.

In developing policies based on these measurements, the Humane Party has paid no regard to what the “conservative” or “liberal” view might be and has afforded no consideration to what “conservatives” or “liberals” as such might prefer.


Why didn’t the Humane Party stick with “the Vegan Party” as its formal name?

"I'm vegan, and I vote!" image from 2009

During the earliest days of the entity now called the Humane Party, this organization had three alternate names: the “Vegan Party”, the “Abolition Party”, and the “Humane Party”.  All three of these names are now, always have been, and always will be accurate ways to refer to the Humane Party.

For example, the Humane Party is indeed the Vegan Party, because it is the first (and currently only) U.S. political party that requires all candidates, officers, and board members to be vegan. Moreover, the Humane party is indeed the Abolition Party, because it is the first (and currently only) U.S. political party committed to abolition of slavery.

Notwithstanding the accuracy of all three names, the Humane Party eventually chose the “Humane Party” name as its formal name because the word “humane” encompasses many concerns that fall outside of the commonly understood scope of the word “vegan” or the word “abolition”. For instance, the Humane Party’s leadership in areas such as civil rights, health care, economic development, and national security falls more comfortably within the generally recognized ambit of the word “humane” than that of the other two choices.

"I'm vegan, and I vote!" image from 2009
“I’m vegan, and I vote!” image from 2009