What is the ‘Ethical Commons’ program?

Deeper Shade of Green | The Humane Party

The Humane Party’s “Ethical Commons” program is a means whereby the HP helps foster the growth of other ethics- and science-based organizations and political parties in other countries.  Through this program, the HP allows anyone anywhere—without prior notice to and without prior, express, written consent of the HP—to freely copy, translate, modify, and re-use the following HP written literature under the following conditions:

  • the derivative use is of one or more of the following pieces of HP literature (text only, not HP-associated images or trade names)
    • Humane Party Platform
    • Humane Party Oath
    • Humane Party Vision, Values, Mission, and Goals Statements
    • proposed legislation (e.g., Abolition Amendment)
  • the actual and apparent intent of the derivative use must be to protect and, ultimately, liberate other animals
  • the derivative use does not state or imply that the Humane Party endorses or is associated with any particular party, organization, candidate, or other person or entity
  • the derivative use may credit or thank the HP but does not otherwise include the Humane Party name or any HP logo, motto, slogan, or other HP trademarks

Any uses of HP-owned intellectual property not meeting the above still require express, prior written consent of the HP.

Please feel free to take advantage of the Ethical Commons program so as to accelerate the founding and growth of your organization.

Deeper Shade of Green | The Humane Party
Deeper Shade of Green | The Humane Party (2010)

Is the Humane Party alone?

Humane Party buttons

No. Ethics- and science-based political parties are rising up all around the world to replace violence-based parties.  Here are links to several new political parties:

Please feel free to send suggestions for additional parties to be included in this list.

The Humane Party is not affiliated with any of the other parties in this list and cannot vouch for these parties, their candidates, or policies.  However, they do appear to be moving in the right direction as part of a global paradigm shift in what political parties are, what they do, and who they represent.


Humane Party buttons
Humane Party buttons


Is the Humane Party conservative or liberal?

Neither. The Humane Party does not fit neatly—or at all—into a “conservative” or “liberal” slot. The Humane Party’s positions are based on science and ethics.

For example, consider the Humane Party’s policies regarding climate.  The heat-trapping properties of a greenhouse gas (e.g., methane) can be measured and have been measured. The results of these measurements are not in dispute anywhere in the global science community. The Humane Party recognizes these measurements as a matter of science and math, not as a matter of “conservative” or “liberal” ideology.

In developing policies based on these measurements, the Humane Party has paid no regard to what the “conservative” or “liberal” view might be and has afforded no consideration to what “conservatives” or “liberals” as such might prefer.