What HP expenses do I need to report? Do I need to report travel expenses? In-kind contributions?

Humane Party booth } GreenFest Expo - Washington D.C. 2017

Any out-of-pocket expenditure made on behalf of the Humane Party (for example, a volunteer’s personal payment of a booth fee for a Humane Party booth) should be reported to the Humane Party as an “in-kind” contribution.  Such contributions will, in turn, be reported by the Humane Party to the appropriate governmental agency.

Exception: expenditures that fall under the “travel exception” (below) do not need to be reported:

  • Exempt Travel. An individual may spend up to $2,000 per calendar year on his or her own transportation expenses for party-related travel without making a contribution, and a volunteer may spend unlimited amounts for his or her normal subsistence expenses (food and lodging) while volunteering.

~ Federal Election Commission Guide, 100.79 and 116.5(b)(1).

Does the Humane Party accept financial contributions and money donations from business corporations?

Contribution from corporation rejected

No.  Financial contributions and money donations from business corporations are not accepted by the Humane Party.  Here’s a photo of a letter in which the Humane Party rejects a contribution by check from a business corporation.

Contribution from corporation rejected
Contribution from corporation rejected

Similarly, as can be seen the following screenshot*, an online donor who wishes to make a financial contribution to the Humane Party must certify that the donation is being made by a natural human being, not a corporation.  This policy has been in place since the launch of the Humane Party in 2009.


*This screenshot is from the DonationSafe.com submission form used for donating to the Humane Party.