Does the Humane Party oppose genetic engineering or “GMOs”?

That depends.

With respect to animals, yes. The Humane Party position vis-a-vis genetic manipulation of animals is substantially similar to that of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (“UNESCO”), except that the HP position extends protection to all sentient species, just as the HP’s position extends protection to all sentient species in other matters.  See, e.g.,  HP Platform, §10.

With respect to plants, no. The Humane Party position calls for a ban on all GMO plants that are designed to kill animals, such as plants that are genetically engineered to be toxic (e.g., plants that are euphemistically labeled “plant-incorporated protectants” or “PIPs” by the Democrat-Republicans and their corporate sponsors). The HP also calls for strict liability for the release of any genetically manipulated organism into contact with the natural environment (e.g., GMO crops planted outdoors). See, e.g.,  HP Platform, §10. But the HP platform does not take a position on genetic engineering of non-sentient organisms in a contained environment (e.g., a lab).

Note that the HP position, while it addresses the food supply, is not and never has been based on whether or not GMO foods are toxic to humans. A plant engineered to kill other animals (e.g., insects) falls squarely into the category to be banned regardless of whether it is safe for humans.