What HP expenses do I need to report? Do I need to report travel expenses? In-kind contributions?

Humane Party booth } GreenFest Expo - Washington D.C. 2017

Any out-of-pocket expenditure made on behalf of the Humane Party (for example, a volunteer’s personal payment of a booth fee for a Humane Party booth) should be reported to the Humane Party as an “in-kind” contribution.  Such contributions will, in turn, be reported by the Humane Party to the appropriate governmental agency.

Exception: expenditures that fall under the “travel exception” (below) do not need to be reported:

  • Exempt Travel. An individual may spend up to $2,000 per calendar year on his or her own transportation expenses for party-related travel without making a contribution, and a volunteer may spend unlimited amounts for his or her normal subsistence expenses (food and lodging) while volunteering.

~ Federal Election Commission Guide, 100.79 and 116.5(b)(1).