How do I become a Humane Party candidate?

Seal of U.S. Senate

Need for Candidates

Ending animal abuse, exploitation, and slaughter in the U.S. will require election of Humane Party candidates to the U.S. Senate, House of Representatives, and Presidency.  Specifically, the HP must win at least:

  • 51 seats in the Senate (majority)
  • 218 seats in the House of Representatives (majority)
  • 1 seat in the White House (President)

Achieving these numbers will, therefore, require victories in over 250 individual elections for federal office, which, in turn, will require HP candidates running in thousands of elections through the coming years and decades.

Becoming a Candidate

A person who may want to run for office as a Humane Party candidate should review the qualifications for candidacy, most notably:

  • meeting the legal requirements, such as age and citizenship requirements, for the federal office itself
  • executing the Humane Party Oath

If a person meets these qualifications, he or she should contact the Humane Party via the volunteer form on the Humane Party’s main website.  Our country needs you to run—and win!

Your Campaign

While the Humane Party does its utmost to provide assistance to each HP candidate and to ensure that each campaign adheres to the core values that brought the HP together, the candidate’s campaign organization is separate from the HP.  HP candidates are free to conduct their campaigns and manage their campaign organizations as they see fit.


Seal of U.S. Senate
Seal of U.S. Senate