Why didn’t the Humane Party keep “the Abolition Party” as its formal name?

"Wow.. Being Property Sucks." - cartoon by Jim Bertram, 2011

During the process of creating and naming what is now called the Humane Party, the organization had three alternate names.  They were:

  • the “Vegan Party”
  • the “Abolition Party”
  • the “Humane Party”

The Abolition Party logo was created during this period when the final name of the organization was still in debate.

All three of these names are now, always have been, and always will be accurate ways to refer to the Humane Party.

For example, the Humane Party is indeed the Vegan Party, because it requires, through the Humane Party Oath, that all candidates, officers, and board members must be vegan. Moreover, the Humane Party is indeed the Abolition Party, because it is expressly committed to abolition of all forms of slavery.

Notwithstanding the accuracy of all three names, the Humane Party chose the “Humane Party” name as its formal name because the word “humane” encompasses many concerns that fall outside of the commonly understood scope of the word “abolition”. For instance, the Humane Party’s leadership in areas such as civil rights (for example, the Equal Rights Amendment II (ERA2)) falls comfortably within the generally recognized ambit of the word “humane” but may not relate as directly to the word “abolition.”


"Wow.. Being Property Sucks." - cartoon by Jim Bertram, 2011
“Wow.. Being Property Sucks.” – cartoon by Jim Bertram, 2011