What is the Humane Party’s rotating-Coordinator system? Why does the HP rotate the Staff Coordinator position? Is there any precedent for such a system?

CEO Rotation Schedule | Humane Party

Rotating Staff Coordinator System


The position of Staff Coordinator of the Humane Party rotates among a group of volunteers roughly according to the following schedule:

  • Winter Shift: November – January
  • Spring Shift: February – April
  • Summer Shift: May – July
  • Autumn Shift: August – October
CEO Rotation Schedule | Humane Party
Staff Coordinator Rotation Schedule | Humane Party

Practical realities sometimes prevent the HP from adhering perfectly to this rotation schedule.  For instance, a given Staff Coordinator may shorten or lengthen her or his shift on a particular occasion.  But the basic schedule remains that depicted above.


Rotating the Staff Coordinator position offers many benefits to the Humane Party, including:

  • preserving the all-volunteer nature of the HP
  • expanding the range and diversity of leadership skills and approaches
  • reducing the likelihood of stagnation
  • reducing burnout and fatigue


Modern governments, non-profit organizations, and for-profit businesses employ rotating-responsibility work models in many contexts. For instance, hospitals provide round-the-clock care for patients by rotating doctors and nurses in shifts. Military, police, fire, and security forces stand ready 24 hours per day by virtue of rotations.

The rotating-leadership approach is not strictly a modern innovation; this approach has ancient roots. For instance, Herodotus reports that the ancient Athenians rotated command of the army between approximately ten generals—each shift lasting only one day—during their history-making defense of Greece against invading forces of the Persian Empire.