What is “humane”? The Three-Yes Test.

Introducing the Three-Yes Test

The meat, dairy, egg, and other animal-exploitation industries—as well as the political parties that work for these industries—have spent decades debasing the word “humane” through oxymorons such as the “Humane Slaughter Act”.  It’s time to reclaim and restore the word “humane” to its basic meaning.

The Humane Party has developed the Three-Yes Test as an easy way for people to sort out false from true uses of the word “humane”.  For a product to be actually humane, the answer to all three of these questions must be “yes”:

  • Is the product itself vegan?

  • Was the process used to create the product free from exploitation (of humans and all other animals)?

  • Will the impact—both of the product itself and of the processes used to make, distribute, and market the product—be ecosystem-neutral, before, during, and after use of the product?

If a product fails any of these criteria, use of the word “humane” to describe that product is disingenuous.

This entry, like the Humane Party FAQ generally, is a work-in-progress and will be continually updated to address additional issues as they arise.  In the meantime, please fee free to share one of the images below to help take back the word “humane.”