What does “abolition” mean?


What does “abolition” mean?

The word “abolition” denotes a legal event, specifically, the formal ending of the legal institution of slavery itself.  This formal ending renders slavery a legal impossibility within the given jurisdiction, i.e., “abolishes” slavery.  In other words, abolition makes it legally impossible for one sentient being to “own” another sentient being.

Example:  Before abolition, Country X’s legal system allows slavery; after abolition, Country X’s legal system does not allow slavery.

Abolition is achieved through the law-making process established by the given sovereign.

Note:  Since abolition is a legal event, abolition does not happen to an individual, living creature.  Rather, abolition happens to a legal system.  But, of course, abolition directly affects all living creatures who are freed from slavery by this legal event.

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