Is the Humane Party a “symbolic” effort, or is the Humane Party an actual political party?

Humane Party booth } GreenFest Expo - Washington D.C. 2017

The Humane Party is an actual political party, not just a “movement” or cause.  In other words, the Humane Party focuses on:

  • winning elections
  • registering voters
  • creating and promulgating a platform
  • drafting and sponsoring legislation
  • listening to constituents
  • serving the nation through the political process and the elected branches of U.S., state, and local government
  • building political coalitions and alliances
  • building an organization that facilitates all of the above activities, sustains and consolidates gains, and serves as a support system for all those involved

In short, the Humane Party is not a “symbolic” party seeking to “make a statement”.  We are “in it to win it”.